Heeeey, Realm Hoppers! Thought I would impart a little FUN on you all! HEH! While all of you are waiting for Fun Times to Return to Updates (probably 2 people, but still) , I’ve Created […]


NOTE • There will be TWO More Page Updates before my Hiatus to Build Up / Draw more Pages   Fun Times has Updated with a New Chapter, Welcome to Moonstrider, Luna’s Home World! This Page […]


Hello, Everyone! I Promised you all a New Post, and it’s finally here! I’m so sorry it took this long to Update. I’m super bad at keeping a Blog. I mostly try to stay focused […]


Well Hello there! Welcome to Fun Times, My First Webcomic! We are still in the Process of getting Set Up here but I’ve been wrestling with the Idea to Create a Main Site for Fun […]