Synopsis: Antannae is a lonely boy who thinks his life is hard. He’s awkward and gets bullied at school. However, nothing prepares him for how his life changes when a mysterious boy named Zink comes into his life. Antannae and Zink become best friends and Zink stands up for his newly found friend and teaches Antannae to have more confidence.

That’s only the beginning of the adventure and hardships that they will face together when Antannae and Zink discover portals on their world. They get spirited away to a world of arsonists, bear gods, dragons, and pirates where they realize they need this strange world just as much as it needs them. A world of floating cities in the sky, talking animals, and flying serpents! Can they save a world in peril? It’s Always Fun Times With Antannae and Zink!


Q: When does this Webcomic Update?

A: We Update Sundays at NOON Central Time! We also will Occasionally Update on Mondays at the same Time also!

Q: What is the rating for this Webcomic?

A: The recommended age for this Webcomic is ALL AGES. It is a Children’s Webcomic and has been Kid Tested!

However, the Halloween Shorts lean a bit toward the Horror Side with Mild Violence, though there will be as little Violence as possible, so if you’re concerned about your Child reading those I would Block it to be on the Safe side.

Q: Will we be able to buy Fun Times at any point?

A: Fun Times With Antannae and Zink Volume #1 is a Full Color, 80 Page Paberback Book Available on lulu.com ! Search Michelle Haycraft on lulu.com to see all of my Books!


Character Profile 1 Antannae

Personality: Antannae is very happy-go-lucky and laid back. He is friendly to everyone and always chooses to see the good in people and creatures. However he is really adventurous and tends to find trouble easy.

Hobbies: Exploring, Hanging with friends.


Character Profile 2Zink

Personality: Zink is Antannae’s best friend. Some of his fondest memories are of him growing up next door to Antannae. He believes that laughter is the best medicine and is always showing his silly side with his daily, goofy antics. He too loves to go on adventures with Antannae. He also has a love for tinkering and inventing things in his shop.

Hobbies: Tinkering, Having sleepovers with Antannae.


Character Profile 3Hipster


Personality: Hipster is Antannae and Zink’s best friend. He is the most popular of the group and loves hanging with friends. He is also a ladies man and is popular with the girls. Although he is popular, he does not leave anyone out and is fair to all of his friends.

Hobbies: Hanging with friends, Talking to the ladies.


Character Profile 4Rainbow Blue


Personality: Rainbow Blue is also a friend of Antannae and Zink. She is mostly quiet but is usually a peacekeeper when the boys get a little loud. She is always very kind and is the conscience of the group.

Hobbies: Being a peacekeeper, Hanging with friends.


Character Profile 5Luna


Personality: Luna will be Introduced much later into the Story. She is very Free Spirited and Wild Hearted and is also very Protective of her Friends. Luna has the ability to Shapeshift into a Panther God.

Hobbies: Traveling to different Worlds, Hanging with Friends.


Character Profile 6Reaper


Personality: Reaper is very mysterious, not much is known about him, but he is very Protective of Luna. He comes from a Realm filled with Music and has the ability to turn into a Black Guitar.


Hobbies: Music.


Character Profile 7Twinkles


Personality: Twinkles is actually Luna’s Australian Shepard but she is most of all her friend. Twinkles was rescued by Luna when her Realm was at War and she got left behind in the Stampede. Twinkles is a loving but Strong Willed young girl. She has theability to Shapeshift into a Oversized Canine God.

Hobbies: Digging, Being Goofy.

 Character Profile 8 Green Eyes


Personality: Green Eyes’ name comes from her piercing Emerald colored eyes. She is the motherly type, always watching over her friends and taking care of them. Her and Luna have a special bond. She was in the same war Twinkles was in. She is a werewolf but can also transform into a solid white wolf. She also has a beautiful human form with long platinum blonde flowing hair.

Hobbies: Being the leader, Howling at the moon



Personality: Prefers playing in dirt to wearing dresses and being proper. Ginger is a foulmouthed Tomboy with brains and strength to go with it, despite her tiny frame.

Hobbies: Punching boys, Training Under the Elders, Embracing her ‘inner bear’ as she calls it.

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