Contest Has Ended!

The 2018 Fun Times With Antannae and Zink Contest has Come to an End! I know there wasn’t many Entries and I would’ve Liked there to have been more but this was my First Contest and I’m Proud of those who Contributed or Participated! Maybe if I run another Contest in the Future I will have more Prizes.

Here are the Contest Entries:

Chloe’s OC ( solarfalcon’s Daughter’s Entry )

Glitch ( solarfalcon’s Fun Times OC )

Burd Seedville ( solarfalcon’s Fun Times OC and 2nd Entry )

All Contest Entries will be Judged by Myself and my Mom. I will Announce the Winners shortly after the Contest, at the Beginning or Mid of March? It miiiight take a bit longer though ’cause I have a Comic to Update AND I have to get the Prizes together, also I tend to Work Slow. Then I’ll Work on Getting Prizes Sent Out, etc.

Once I do that I will Announce the Winners and their Prizes in a Journal. My Comic will be Updating during this Time but Please don’t worry if the Updates are Slow because I’ll be Deciding the Winners of the Contest and getting Prizes ready to Send Out. Thank You to those that Participated and Keep a Look Out for Info Soon!

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