Apologies for Updates Coming to a Crawl

Hey guys, a quick Update that I have not forgot about Fun Times and apologies about lack of Updates.

I’ve had a horrible month with extremely high bills to the point that we’ve done without food. Which means I can’t even afford my Inking Pens or Sketchbooks right now to Work on Fun Times. I’m not sure when things will look up either.

Also, my Laptop is about 12 to 13 Yrs old and I can’t charge it unless it’s off and even then the charger makes a noise like it’s going to blow a fuse. So I really shouldn’t charge it that much. It doesn’t really hold a charge that long either so I have no way to really Work on Fun Times if my Desktop is inaccessible.

In the meantime I do have one sketchbook that I can Draw in so I’ve been Drawing and Writing for Fun Times to get Work Built Up so that hopefully if my Desktop becomes available to me then I can Update and have some Work under my belt.

I’ll Update if anything changes.

Thanks for hanging in there and I appreciate your patience and support!

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