Hello, Everyone! I Promised you all a New Post, and it’s finally here! I’m so sorry it took this long to Update. I’m super bad at keeping a Blog. I mostly try to stay focused with Updating the Comic, which is most important to me and I hope to you too! Maybe when I can get Volume 1 of Fun Times Completed I will hold a Contest and you all will get Updates then. And if you’re wondering…I still Plan to get Fun Times in Print but I’m still Working my way to 80 Pages so when enough Pages are Published I’ll begin Working on getting the Book out. I’ve done a few Test Runs on Lulu so this Book will be my biggest effort and I hope I can Create something Lovely for my Readers.

Also, if you haven’t noticed…the Website got an Upgrade with it’s Own Domain Name and can now be reached at! I hope it’s easier to remember the address now and easy to Navigate also.

A Reminder that the Q & A Starts this Friday so there is still time to Submit a Question! Since the Comic is a Full Color Comic, I decided to do the Q & A in Black and White, Mainly for Experience since I’ve never done a Black and White Comic. I’m happy with the Pages! I also Started a Fun Times Blooper Skit Titled “See You In the Funny Papers” Funny Story how that Started but my Mother Inspired it. All Regular Fun Times Pages and all Bloopers can be Seen in the Comics Archive!

I’ll be doing a Poll soon. Just a little FUN Times! lmao, That was not Rehearsed before the Creation of this Blog. If you would like to Keep Up with Updates in between Blogs —



I also have a Forum, I need to Work on. ;-; Have a Happy Holiday, Stay Safe, and Thanks for the Support!

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